Presto Restoration Products & Services performs exterior high-rise tuckpointing and other masonry restoration and preservation services for large historic commercial buildings in Miami Florida and nationwide. Presto has been in business for over 25 years and has the staff and expertise to accomplish any size project.

Tuckpointing Miami

Tuckpointing is the process in which the mortar joints in between two building components either natural stones such as limestone or manufactured stones such as brick or block are installed or ground out and replaced. These mortar joints serve two purposed to waterproof the structure and to create a desired appearance of the exterior facade. Mortar can be all types of colors or smoothness depending on the desired appearance of the building. For any type of tuckpointing services in Miami call the experts, call Presto.

Tuckpointing Services in Miami Fl

Tuckpointing in Miami is just one of many services Presto performs.